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The Victoria lines 19k (V19K) is the last race of a series of 4 trail running events organized by Agones Sfc during the year. The V19 race, is approximately 19km long with a total elevation of 467 meters and is considered the queen event of the trail running in Malta.

The race crosses Malta from east to west, alongside the historic fortifications of the Victoria lines. The event sponsored by Adidas ‘Terrex’, is endorsed by ITRA (International Trail Running Association), supported by the Superintendent of Cultural Heritage and forms part of the European Heritage Days Activities.

The stunning views, combined with the unbeaten track and the cultural and historical aspect of the route, make it the most sought trail event for every trail runner in Malta and beyond. The unique race has also been attracting many foreign athletes, who are looking at an event that showcases the best of what the Maltese Islands can offer in terms of running and beautiful scenery.
The V19, now celebrating its 10th edition, has been gathering momentum in the past years with numbers doubling every year. Athletes, Maltese and foreigners alike find the route challenging but doable, as the distance and the elevation gain that they have to cover, is suitable for both athletes with a high level of fitness who are looking for a one kind of a challenge, as well as for amateur athletes, who simply want to enjoy a memorable event in a great atmosphere.
The event is characterized by the ‘fun factor’ Agones Sfc is famous for during events the club organizes.
In 2021, for the first time we will be organizing a number of events around the race itself which will make the V19K an even bigger experience to cherish for all the participants.

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