Meet Our Committee Members

Warren Muscat
Warren MuscatClub President
Head of School, Chairperson and Founder of Agones Sfc. From a young age Mr. Muscat has been involved with the running of many NGO’s and sport clubs nationally and internationally. On behalf of the club, he has received various honors for his involvement within youth groups and work within the community. He was also elected as Emerging Leader representative in the International Council of the Duke of Edinburgh Award in 2015. Mr. Muscat has a Degree in Physical Education, various diplomas in coaching and has a Masters Degree in Leadership and Management. An athlete himself, he represented Malta internationally in various occasions as a coach and athlete (sailing). He is a multi-sport enthusiast with a love for all outdoor activities and organization of events. From 2016 to 2019 he was General Secretary and team manager of the Gibraltar Cycling Federation were he led the association and national team to successful Island Games 2016 and 2019. In 2020 Muscat has been elected General Secretary of the Malta Triathlon Federation.
Mark Zammit
Mark ZammitVice Chairperson
Coming from an IT background Mr. Zammit is one of the founding members and pillars of the club as well as a club strategist. He is in charge of the co-ordination of the back-up teams which are a trade mark of the club. He is also the brain behind the ARRTS (Agones Race Results Timing System). Mark is an all-round athlete in love with the outdoors. Although he is not an avid competitor, he has successfully participated in many endurance events in the past years like the Rome Marathon.
Caroline Zammit
Caroline ZammitCommittee Member
Caroline Zammit is probably one of the club’s most decorated athletes. Ms. Zammit comes from a management and organizational background. She is also one of the club’s founding members and has represented the club in many races around the globe. Ms. Zammit has been active in sport all her life. She is well known for her swimming endeavors, currently she is synonymous with trail running and is one of the few Maltese female trail runners to have completed multiple ultra-trail running races. Ms. Zammit has various diplomas and courses in coaching and personal training and runs swimming, spinning and core sessions for the club members. Her valuable input and experience in the fashion industry is also the main reason why our club members are always kitted in style!
Aldo Brincat
Aldo BrincatCommittee Member
Aldo Brincat has joined Agones Sfc as a runner. A draughtsman by profession, he now contributes in different ways. He is the Chief Marshall Coordinator for the club and also coordinates the ever-growing cycling section of Agones SFC.
Lara Fioretino
Lara FioretinoCommittee Member / General Secretary
A Triathlete and Runner, Lara comes from a pharmaceutical background. Always ready to take up a challenge and support her fellow club members in their endeavors, Lara is one of the pillars in our committee. She takes care of all the admin work related to the club and keeps the club up to date with all the relevant authorities.
Andrew Fleri Soler
Andrew Fleri SolerCommittee Member
Andrew Fleri Soler is the former National Maltese Triathlon Champion. He is interested in different sport from swimming to running. During activities, he coordinates the setup of the races and dismantling of equipment. He is also responsible for the club equipment.
Chris Borg
Chris BorgCommittee Member
A physical education teacher by profession and former rugby player now turned triathlete, Borg co-ordinates the road running section of the club and is also one of the coaches at the club’s zero to hero training program. Amongst other qualifications Chris is a qualified cycling and running coach.
Daniel Mifsud Bason
Daniel Mifsud BasonWebmaster
Coming from an IT background, Mr. Mifsud Bason is the club’s webmaster and the mastermind behind the club newsletter and Facebook page. He draws upon his vast experience within NGO’s to make sure the club is at the forefront of the social media ensuring that club members are always kept up to date with the club’s latest news and events. Mr. Mifsud Bason is an occasional athlete in love with the outdoors and an avid mountaineer. He has recently conquered Mt.Kenya and has successfully completed the Half Marathon.
Andrew Camilleri
Andrew CamilleriCommittee Member
An avid Triathlete coming form an IT background, Andrew is in charge of the club’s triathlon section. Andrew also sits on the Malta Triathlon Federation Council were he represents Agones Sfc. Andrew’s help both as a club committee member and MTF council member is very welcomed, since he is always ready to give a helping hand when needed.