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An exciting new challenge brought to you by Agones Sfc. The rules are simple! Run, walk and crawl up the ‘Barrakka Lift Tower’ staircase as fast as possible. The fastest athlete to climb up the 20 storey tower is declared the winner.

The challenge will be divided into 2 main categories, ‘Free Run’ were the athlete runs up the 282 stairs without any additional weight and ‘Added Weight Run’ category, were the athlete has to carry a normal size car tyre provided by the organizers with him/her up the 58-meter high tower.  There will also be special prizes for the different weight categories.

Athletes who opt to take part in the different weight categories will be weighed on the day prior to the start. Athletes who do not want to be weighed on the take can take part in an open category.

The race will take place in a time trial format, were an athlete leaves every minute. The starting line up will be determined according to the application entry (time and date).

Application can be found below.

All participants will go home with a participation token. Overall winner and category winners in the male and female category will receive a trophy.

For more information please visit www.agones-sfc.eu, BEAT THE LIFT event page on Facebook or email us at agonessportsclub@gmail.com