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In all honesty we were hoping we would not be back. Yet, the situation is what is and after the huge success of the Malta Covid Challenge 2020 V.1.0 and the V.1.1 we thought that everyone out there needs a bit of motivation until this chapter is over and we get back to our beloved racing scenes. 

We realize that Covid-19 may have changed yet again your sporting goals for 2021. We also know many of you kept their training going and now itch to test yourselves in a race. Unfortunately, for the time being, races and events as we all know them, have been halted. This does not stop you from testing your fitness level, challenge yourself and earn your reward. 

The Malta COVID CHALLENGE is a virtual challenge that will test your fitness level and hopefully make all the training hours’ worth it and therefore motivate you while waiting for the race season to open. 

The Malt COVID CHALLENGE is designed around a Full Distance Triathlon. Therefore a 3.8km swim, 180km bike and 42km run. The rules are pretty simple. You have to finish this distance in 7 days (a week). One can cover the various distance in one go or divide them into different sessions and add them up together. Participants can also form teams and finish the challenge as a relay. 


To make the event more accessible to everyone, one can decide to take part in the FULL Challenge or cover JUST ONE of the 3 disciples and distances. 


Those who finish the FULL CHALLENGE will Receive a MALTA COVID CHALLENGE Medal while those who finish just one section will receive a medal portraying just the section they finished. Athletes who finish the Challenge in 1 day will receive a special MALTA COVID CHALLENGE T-Shirt. 


 Below you will find further information.


Distances are:

Swimming: 3.8km Swim

Cycling: 180km Bike

Running: 42.2 km Run


  1. The disciplines within the races are swimming, cycling and running. Each individual can take part in the FULL challenge or just opt to take part in one section. 
  2. The challenge can be completed as a relay team too. 
    • Swimming can be done in open sea or pool.
    • Cycling may be done indoors or outdoors
    • Running may be done indoors or outdoors.
  3. Each competitor must submit his/her entry within 12 hours upon completion of the event.
  4. Relay teams must submit their entries together (as one file) within 12 hours upon completion of event
  5. Accepted files/links to be submitted in Garmin connect or Strava formats via email.
  6.  Distance and time on submissions must be clearly visible and authenticated.
  7. The organizers reserve the right to refuse any entry which they deem not valid.
  8. No overall classification will be issued. 
  9. Entry fee and registration must be done PRIOR to start of challenge through our website www.agones-sfc.eu/events
  10. Part of the proceeding will go to charity. 

For more information please visit the Facebook event page or the website. 

For more information please visit the Facebook event page or the website.