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General Information

• The Race is being organized by the Agones Sfc supported by Eurosport Malta and powered by Adidas TERREX.

• The aim of the race is for everyone to enjoy themselves doing some outdoor activities. Winner of the various categories (Male/Male, Female/Female, Male/Female) will be awarded a prize. Prize will be given out during the club’s annual presentation night in November. All participants will be given a commemorative shirt and a token.

• The race is divided into 4 sections. Trail run/Trekking, Cycling (MTB cross-country), Canoeing (provided by organisers) and Obstacle Course. All participants are required to do all the events.

• OBLIGATORY briefing will be held at EUROSPORT B’Kara, 2nd Floor on FRIDAY 28rd August at 6.00pm.. Athletes will pick up their t-shirt, race number and briefed during this meeting.

• The winner of the event will be the team that concludes the 4 stages in the least time possible. (Transition time between Mtb and Canoeing will not be taken into consideration although a maximum of 10 minutes transition time is allowed)

• The race will start at 6.00am, as soon as sun rises. Starting times will be posted on Facebook. Transition and Registration area are situated behind Scout Campsite in Golden Bay. Race officials will be there from 4.00 am onwards. Be at the start at least 30 minutes before you actual starting time.

• Every team will be notified of the starting time days prior to the race since it will not be a mass start. There will be 5 minutes between each team. Starting times will be given on a first come first served bases depending on when the application form is received. 

•Please do not ask for your finishing times or for you placings on the day. We will post everything online that same evening.

• Applications are done here

• A limit of 35 Teams is set.

• For more information please contact us by e mail at agonessportsclub@gmail.com, mobile on 99821120, via Agones Sfc facebook page or www.agones-sfc.eu 

Individual Gear

Entire Race
• whistle
• container(s) in which to carry at least 2 litres of water. Remember the race is self-sufficient so there will be no water stations along the routes.

Mountain Biking
• Bike helmet ( can be hired )
• Mountain bike ( can be hired ) To hire your bike you will need to contact directly ByBike in Fgura ( 79065480 ) Those hire the mountain bikes will find their bikes ready at the briefing. During the briefing, there will be a chance to set up your bike, seat posts etc.

All canoeing equipment will be provided by the organisers. Life Jacket is compulsory,

Team Gear
• Cell phone and method of waterproofing
• Personal First Aid Kit

Agones Sfc ‘Adventure Race’ Rules

These rules are written to ensure the safety and integrity of the Adventure Race. The rules are enforced by the Adventure Race staff and volunteers.

Prior the start of race.
Each team must have hand in the necessary forms prior to the start of the race (Disclaimer, Application form)

Teams must be at the starting line at least 30 minutes prior to their scheduled times.
If a team is late at the starting time the teams start will be rescheduled and their start will be put at the bottom of the list with a 15 minute penalty.

A member of the race team can make any protests after completion of the race to the race director. After submission of the protest form, the RD will consult with the race advisory committee. All decisions by the race advisory committee are final. All protests must be turned at the finish line. All decisions will be made final within 1 hour of the course closing.

Helping Others
Teams are permitted to help each other during the race. Teams may be awarded a time bonus for helping other teams in need.

Rules, by penalty

• Failure of a team to pass through each checkpoint according to the directions.
• Using a mode of travel other than the one specified for each leg
• Any travel other that human powered travel
• Use of ANY electronic device other than watches, altimeters, and bike computers.
• Littering on the course
• Traveling within prohibited and/or private land areas
• Arriving more than one hour late at the starting line
• Disobeying instructions from a race official
• Disobeying instructions not to advance
• Unauthorized road/trail travel
• Non-assistance to a person in danger
• Not wearing or improperly wearing a life jacket in the boat
• Not wearing a helmet while on the bike
• Violation over the identity of a competitor or change of a team member during race
• Removing/altering a punch device, trail sign or marking
• Assistance by anyone not in the race outside of the TA (directional assistance ok)
• Not using safety gear when directed to by race management
• Teammates not staying within 100 meters of each other
• Picking up and dropping off gear in a place other than at designated Transition Areas or gear drop/pickup
• Missing mandatory gear.
• Race Bib/number must be worn on outside of clothing at all time

FEE : €70 per team.